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Robofin can automate consolidation from multiple entities faster and seamlessly.

Why Choose Robofin?

Multiple Entities

Managing finance for group of companies is complicated. Dealing with different types of data and ERP system. Robofin is a perfect tool for enterprise finance to consolidate and prepare group financial statements

Software Integration

Integrating Robofin with legacy or third party system is very simple and can be done with minimum effort. Once integrated Robofin can automatically pull or receive data. This will remove manual work and minimize human error.

Faster Consolidation

If you still juggling with multiple excel file during close period then Robofin is the right tool for you. By bringing ledger to cloud, users can collaborate with each other so finance department can close and consolidate faster.


Holding Company
A holding company consolidate financial statement from its portfolio. Each company has different ERP system that are difficult to integrate. Robofin can extract, transform, and store different type of data from multiple system into a uniform data format. This will make end of month reporting easier and faster.
Managing factories efficiently usually require management to assign a profit and lost statement for each plant they own or operate. Consolidating financial statement put a heavy burden to the financial department. By using Robofin's multi book feature, finance department can consolidate each production unit faster.
Retailer with national or international operation must assigned a profit and loss performance for each store. Managing these statement can be very complicated. By using Robofin's multi book feature, each book can be treated as a store on its own with a ledger and balance sheet. Robofin can connect each store POS system to acquire data.


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