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Why Choose Robofin?


Robofin gives you invoice, inventory, and cash management modules for FREE. You can contact us or find a professionals to help you prepare financial statement whenever you need them.


Focus On Core

Starting a startup business can be overwhelming. Non-core activities such as accounting and administration can distract founders's attention. Robofin and its team is here to help you focus on key areas. Let us handle tedious accounting and administration task.


Affordable Professionals

Hiring an accountant full time can be very expensive. For a young startup, you may not have the budget to hire a financial experts. But Robofin allow you to pay only a fraction to gain a handful of accounting professionals to help with your bookkeeping problems?



Saas Startup
Managing accounting for a Saas startup can be very complex once you start using accrual accounting. By using Robofin, your finance can keep track of deffered revenue and recognize revenue when it is appropriate.
App Developer
Managing application development cost and revenue can be very tedious and time consuming. Robofin helps you track expense to develop an application and measure the revenue generated from your project.
On-demand Startup
Traditional accounting software are not fit for modern on-demand business. On-demand company need to recognize revenue while at the same time share a percentage of that revenue to on-demand workers. Robofin can be integrated with your sales algorithm to create complex sales journal.


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